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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ok, so apparently the new style in Texas is to look like an 80 year old retired man who spends time on his boat and golfing. (Why would you ever think that gabby?) I'm glad you asked!!! I have come to this conclusion after seeing these GAWD AWFUL shoes called Sperry Topsiders there's no contest this shoe beats out Uggs and Crocs for the ugliest shoe of all times. NOTHING about this shoes is appealing unless you like that whole "I've added 70 years to my age just by wearing these shoes". If you like the Sperry look at least buy a cooler pair like the Zapato Del Barco at Vans.
p.s did I mention that Sperry's now come in pleather neons AND hightops!!!!
(where does it end?)


Zapato Del Barco


  1. I like these shoes but they are not my style at all:DDI cannot imagine going out with these on my feet:)))
    follow me if u like

  2. The old skool version is really cool!

  3. Hahah! I think it's the soles that throw things off a little bit. Without them these won't be too terrible.


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