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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I don't like black girls

ok. so a few days ago i heard the most disrespectful thing while i was in my summer school class, a guy said "I hate black girls" hows that for a first impression?????? when i turned around to see who this person might can my startled expression to find that he was most definately mixed with black(turns out he's black and indian) after i heard that...i made no comment like the old me would have done. i decided i was going to be the black girl to change his mind about his dislike of the opposite sex but same race.....yea didnt work out hes a total and complete jackass. i hate to hear his voice and look at his stupid face.....

it gets worst

this morning while flipping from channel to channel i stumbled across an old americas next top model episode i see one of the models being harshly judged over the picture, i see her begining to cry and so naturaly i continue to watch. she telsl the panel that she strugled with the shoot after her french male model extra tells her that he does not like black women..........

WHAT THE HELL?????????

will someone please tell me what is so wrong with black women....i guess i never got the memo I am a black women and am so proud to be one when i look at all the fabulous, and inspirational black women in world i feel proud and amazed at what can be accomplished please post comments on this i would love to know what others are thinking



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